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20 September @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Globalisation of workforces and supply chains, climate change and competition for food, water, energy and natural resource are intrinsically linked to economic prosperity and growth. Long-term sustainability is only viable when both environmental and human development is equally prioritised within the public and private sectors.

Sustainability not only creates an opportunity to strengthen the reputation of a brand or a business but also serves to strengthen customer loyalty and increase growth. Many business models fail to see their client base as more than just consumers. In this age of globalisation, where there is no shortage of choice; people increasingly care about where they invest. Time has shown that one of the most important factors driving brand loyalty is a company’s reputation – integrity, transparency and a strong sense of corporate responsibility to give back and better the communities in which businesses operate.

Business is leading the way in sustainability initiatives across all sectors of the economy—placing a strategic focus on innovation, technology and business models. As such, businesses and chambers are making the case for sustainable supply chains to positively impact their local environments.

This session will discuss:

  • how the private sector is responding to elevated customer expectations
  • the importance of public-private collaboration for meaningful change
  • examples of how business and chambers can make substantial changes to reduce negative side effects for local populations and the environment

Event details

Date of the event: 20 September, 2017

Starting at: 09:00

Ending at: 11:00

Session's organiser(s): 10WCC

Location: International Convention Centre Sydney -


This #10WCC, as the similar Congresses before us, we will be honoured to present several keynote speakers who have been gracious enough to attend the Congress and share their expertise with our participants. Stay tuned as more speakers confirm!

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