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Business, conflict and terrorism: rebuilding peace and prosperity

19 September, 2017 @ 10:45 am - 12:15 pm

There is little doubt that peace and stability is more conducive to long-term economic development than violence, terrorism or war.  Business can and must play a decisive role in building and strengthening local, regional and global peace and stability processes through trade and investment, employment, wealth creation, good governance and corporate responsibility.

Securing a global environment which will foster growth and prosperity for future generations has moved beyond the walls of government and business and into the mainstream domain of every person. Rule of law, political participation, quality education, decent jobs and a full respect for human rights have become the building blocks to secure a better future.

Solutions mean partnership with the private sector, and promoting dialogue with government, engaging communities, and countering the sensationalism of today’s media. Chambers and businesses—of all sizes—have a role to play in facilitating positive relationships that champion peace and economic development.

This session will discuss:

  • the global geo-political environment and future state of international security
  • the need for business to lead by example by fostering peace, stability and prosperity in their respective communities
  • the benefits of partnerships between the private sector, government and communities to create positive change
  • how chambers can advocate for peace, security and long-term economic growth

Event details

Date of the event: 19 September, 2017

Starting at: 10:45

Ending at: 12:15

Session's organiser(s): 10WCC

Location: International Convention Centre Sydney - International Convention Centre Sydney

Speaker details

- Steve Killelea
- Monica de Greiff
- Sofia Patel


This #10WCC, as the similar Congresses before us, we will be honoured to present several keynote speakers who have been gracious enough to attend the Congress and share their expertise with our participants. Stay tuned as more speakers confirm!

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